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Announcing the Open Service Broker API v2.12

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The first release of the API specification independent from the Cloud Foundry platform

Today, the Open Service Broker API working group is pleased to announce the v2.12 release of the specification. This is the first release of the API specification independent from the Cloud Foundry platform, developed under the guidance of the new working group.

The focus of this release is to enable multiple platforms to leverage the API through deprecating platform specific terminology. This clears a path for more platforms integrating with the OSBAPI.  Additionally, the specification now leverages RFC2119 keywords, meaning consuming service broker authors and platforms can clearly understand the intent of the specification.

Introducing Platform Profiles

To enable platforms to provide platform specific information, for use cases such as billing, we are introducing an additional context field to request body for provisioning a service instance and updating a service instance. To allow for discovery of these platform specific fields, we are providing Platform Profiles. These describe recommended usage patterns for environment-specific extensions and variations. If you are a broker author, please beware that context will replace the organization_guid and space_guid request fields in future versions of the specification. In the interim, you should use both fields to ensure interoperability with old and new platform implementations.

How can I get started?

You can view the updated specification here and get started creating a service broker or platform today. Support for the context field is available today in Kubernetes Service Catalog, and will be coming to a Cloud Foundry release soon.