New Open Service Broker API Videos from Cloud Foundry Summit Europe & Cloud Native Con Europe 2017

By October 25, 2017Blog

Recently there have been an array of talks that highlight the progress of the Open Service Broker API and the innovative service brokers and platform integrations the community is creating. In this post you will find some of the highlights from Cloud Foundry Summit and Cloud Native Con!

Cloud Foundry Summit Europe (October 2017)

The recent Cloud Foundry Summit European edition in Basel had a strong focus on the Open Service Broker API project with a mix of talks from developers, analysts and contributors.

Hell Freezes Over: The New Reality of Open Cloud Services and the OSBAPI

The first talk to highlight is from Josh McKenty and Colin Stevenson of Pivotal. With an entertaining format and style, Josh and Colin discuss the impact of the Open Service Broker API in the cloud-native space to enable portability of cloud services across industries and vendors.

Dualing Platforms: Build Services for Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes Using the Open Service Broker API

Alex Ley and Matt McNeeney of Pivotal gave a demo of how you can leverage a service broker from both Cloud Foundry and Kuberenetes. The demo highlights how far the Kubernetes Service Catalog project has come and that the multi-cloud, multi-platform future is quickly becoming a reality with the use of the Open Service Broker API.

Getting a Handle on Your Microservices: Istio and the Open Service Broker API

Morgan Bauer and Christopher Luciano from IBM talked about the recently open-sourced services mesh project, Istio. This talk gives an introduction to Istio and how the project can be used in concert with the Open Service Broker API. The demo starts with two applications bound to the same service (provided by the same service broker) and shows how to leverage Istio to direct traffic between the applications from the web. It also shows how Istio can provide value without any modifications to an application.

Cloud Native Con Europe (Febuary 2017)

The Open Service Broker API and the Kubernetes Service Catalog

Earlier this year at Cloud Native Con in Berlin, Chip Childers of the Cloud Foundry Foundation and Paul Morie from RedHat gave an introduction to the Kubernetes Service Catalog incubator project. In this talk, you’ll learn exactly what the Open Service Broker API specification is, its history, how the cross-ecosystem collaboration on the API specification is happening and how the Kubernetes ecosystem is building integrations with the specification. The talk also covers how to get involved in the Kubernetes Special Interest Group (SIG) and includes a project demo!

Panel: Leveraging the Open Service Broker API in Cloud Native Platforms

This panel discussion contains representatives from IBM, Pivotal, Fujitsu, RedHat and Orange who discuss where they want the project to go and why the initiative is important to their companies. Expect to learn more about the Open Service Broker API working group, the future of the project and insights into how leading technology companies are applying this specification to real-world use cases.