Pop to Philadelphia to learn more about Service Brokers at these awesome CF Summit talks

By January 16, 2019Blog


If you’re passing over the East Coast of the US this April, be sure to pop into Philadelphia (where it’s always sunny, apparently) to learn more about Service Brokers and how they are helping companies all over the world get access to the cloud-native services their applications need.

Registration is open now, and the schedule went live today. We’ve compiled a list of the best Open Service Broker API talks for you to bookmark before the conference kicks off on April 2nd:



11:20am: The Subtle Art of Keeping your Broker Multi-platform Compatible – Georgi Lozev, SAP

This talk will provide an overview of the different types of broker – based on their deployment model like hosted brokers, ones deployed alongside the platform and ones deployed on top of it. Then we will show you some pitfalls we came across while working on CF as a platform implementations and, last but not least, we will go over good practices and future improvements that should keep our brokers multi-platform compatible.


2:55pmTesting Production Environments and Verifying Open Service Broker API Compliance – Oliver Wolf & Robert Gogolok, anynines

This talk shows how a generic test suite that verifies production platform environments and OSBAPI compliance can be used for different kind of data services.


11:45amAccessing Cloud Foundry Marketplace from your Kubernetes Cluster – Dr Nic Williams, Stark & Wayne

In this talk, we introduce the Kubernetes Service Catalog, the Open Service Broker API, and a special new service broker that bridges a CF user’s marketplace access into their own Kubernetes cluster.


2:00pmOne Marketplace to Rule Them All – Matt McNeeney & Sam Gunaratne, Pivotal

Come and learn how the open source Independent Services Marketplace team are building the future by inverting the relationship between platforms and backing services, and how this can drastically improve the lives of developers and operators running cloud-native platforms at scale.


3:20pmOpen Service Broker 101: That Extra Something – Christian Brinker, evoila

In his talk, Christian Brinker takes the audience on the journey from the reasons for the usage of service brokers via their inner structure and effects to complex production setups. He presents common pitfalls and best practices as well as giving a deep insight into the open source service broker framework of his team.